RESTAURANT REVIEW: Be Our Guest Restaurant

Location: The Magic Kingdom
Cuisine: American, French
Experience:  Quick-service breakfast or lunch, sit-down dinner, all served inside the enchanted castle from Beauty and the Beast.
Our rating: It's worth a shot.

If you have been on any sort of Disney forum, you probably know that a table at Be Our Guest is one of the most coveted reservations in all of Disney World. The restaurant is still relatively new, so many people are still unable to book reservations even six months in advance. So when we were able to book a table for dinner during one of our trips, we were very excited.

You can now eat there for breakfast and lunch as counter service or as a table service with waiter or waitress at dinner time. I've read that you can even place your order for breakfast or lunch up to 30 days in advance, though we don't have experience doing that.

People begin lining up well in advance of mealtimes.

The decor inside is true to the movie, down to every detail. Being a huge Beauty and the Beast fan, I appreciated this very much.

Inside, there are three separate dining rooms: the Grand Ballroom, the West Wing, and the Castle Gallery. We were lucky enough to be seated in the Grand Ballroom, but it's no problem to wander throughout the castle to see the other rooms. Also, the Beast will walk through the castle regularly and is available for photos.

I am going to give you my completely honest review, and I know it won't be popular with most Disney World fanatics: we were disappointed, not with the atmosphere, but with the food and the service. I will admit that we ate here within a few months of its opening, so it's quite possible things have improved since then.

Let me reiterate that the atmosphere was just perfect. It was so beautiful and magical, especially the snow falling outside of the huge windows in the Grand Ballroom. It was nothing short of spectacular.

The food, however, was disappointing. The Head Honcho ordered a steak, and it was tough and fatty. I ordered the chicken breast and French Onion Soup and found them both incredibly ordinary. The food definitely takes a back seat to the atmosphere.

I would still encourage people to come here, just to see it. It is absolutely amazing inside. I'm told you can peek inside, even if you're not staying to eat. I would like to give Disney the benefit of a doubt and attribute the disappointing food to the restaurant's early teething pains during its first couple months of operation. Also, pictures I've seen of breakfast look delicious, so I'd be open to trying that.

All in all, I really, desperately want to love this place. If the food could make its way up to the level of its environment, this place could be one of my favorites.

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