RESTAURANT REVIEW: Boma - Flavors of Africa

Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
Cuisine: African buffet
Experience:  Family-friendly dining for breakfast or dinner, served under thatched roofs for a uniquely African atmosphere.
Our rating: Don't miss it!

Located in the breathtakingly beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boma is one of the Head Honcho's favorite places to eat in Walt Disney World.

It sounds a little intimidating to the average person who does not normally eat African cuisine. Will I like the food that's offered? Will my kids eat it? Let me put your mind at ease by assuring you that everyone will find something (a bazillion things) he or she likes. While many of the foods are exotic, I can't say I've tried anything at this buffet I didn't immediately like. And yes, there is a kids' section with your standard chicken nuggets and french fries. But if I were you, I'd encourage your kids to try some of the African foods.

This is another restaurant we tried during a stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge and enjoyed it so much that we now book a reservation here every trip, regardless of where we're staying. We even came here with a group of 15 people, with ages ranging from five months to adulthood.

Here's my plate. I like to try everything!

Boma serves breakfast and dinner, but we enjoy dinner best. They've got a wide variety of soups (my favorites are the Coconut Chicken Curry Soup and the Carrot Ginger Soup), salads, and of course numerous meats and other entrees as well as a good selection of desserts. The Zebra Domes seem to be a favorite among visitors, though I like the Cinnamon-Chocolate Mousse!

Overall, we'd highly recommend trying this place. It's a good excuse to visit Animal Kingdom Lodge if you're not already staying there, and besides that, it's just really good food. Plus, how cultured will you feel having eaten authentic African cuisine?

After you finish your meal, it's fun to walk the grounds of Animal Kingdom Lodge. There are numerous viewing areas where you'll see giraffes, zebras, gazelle, and many other African wildlife. Plus, it gives you a chance to walk off a bit of dinner.

Book this place. It's fantastic.


  1. RESTAURANT REVIEW: Boma-Flavors of Africa, you always post honest reviews on different restaurant and I am looking forward to visiting this place now.

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