KID REVIEW: top rides at Epcot

A kid review by the Mouseketeer, age 8

On September 9th, 2014, I went to Disney and had lots of fun. I will talk about my trip and suggest a few things.

On the first day, we arrived in Orlando and got on the Magical Express. After that, we were officially in Disney! :) We walked into Boardwalk and checked in, and then we got to our room and got settled.

Then we went to... EPCOT.

It was a little crowded on the rides but we managed. Now here is a ride you're not gonna want to miss... The one and only Test Track where you can customize your own car and test it out in the ride. My top car got 214 points! Now, you should go ride that and see if you can top my score!

Here I am building my race car before riding Test Track

If you've already ridden Test Track then you should try Spaceship Earth: a ride that takes you in a journey into the past where you can see many time periods, even in dinosaur times! And the thing  I like most about it is that you can make your own future, and if you notice there is a thing that takes your picture at the beginning of the ride!

So another great ride at EPCOT would be Mission Space - a ride that makes you feel just like you're in space. There are missions green and orange; green is for the beginners and orange is for the more advanced.

Now, those are pretty much all the top rides in EPCOT but there are many other minor rides and if you've ridden all of the rides in EPCOT then there are still more parks!


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