KID REVIEW: top rides at Magic Kingdom

A kid review by the Mouseketeer, age 8

There are many awesome rides in Magic Kingdom as well as in EPCOT. Actually, I think there are way more in Magic Kingdom.

Anyway,  let's talk about the rides there.

Now here's the newest ride in Magic Kingdom... A simple ride even for beginners, the one and only... SEVEN DWARFS MINE TRAIN! A very fun ride that reminds you of the old Snow White ride but feels like a new and improved version! You go through the mines of the seven dwarfs and see all seven of the dwarfs: Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, Bashful, Happy, and Sleepy. It's a ride even my brother (who is 2 years old) is a millimeter away from riding.

Now here is another ride in Frontierland that is a wet wet ride - Splash Mountain, where I guarantee you WILL get wet. Once my dad and I were in the front, and the ride stopped right next to a waterfall. When we went down the hill my picture looked like I was kinda, um, crying but it was not true! I was trying to look casual but with all the water it looked like I was crying!

So another ride that would be thrilling would be either Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Let's talk about Space Mountain. It's a really fun ride where you sit in a one seat rocket and go zooming around in outer space. Get on and it will take your picture at a random time so try to act normal the entire ride.

Well, those are all my favorite rides but you can still look around and try to find some more.

Next I'll be talking about Animal Kingdom so thank you for reading my blog and more to come!

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  1. Top rides at the Magic Kingdom is right, they have some great and amazing rides for the kids to enjoy and this is so cute to read about the review that this kid has posted.