RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tutto Italia Ristorante

Location: Italy Pavilion in Epcot
Cuisine: Italian
Experience: Casual dining that feels fancy (in a good way)
Our rating: It's worth a shot.

We love Italian food and were happy with Tutto Italia. The food was amazing; I got ravioli and my son got traditional spaghetti and meatballs. The staff was attentive and the atmosphere was very pleasant. It was charming, with murals of ancient Rome, glowing chandeliers, and white tablecloths.
The hubby reminded me that this place was Alfredo's before it became Tutto Italia (part of the Patina Restaurant Group - google them and you'll see the kind of restaurants they have; they also own Via Napoli, the other restaurant in Epcot's Italy.)

Unfortunately I can't remember as much as I'd like about this place, other than a general thumbs-up rating. I do remember the place makes their own pasta and freshly bake their own bread, and everything is delicious. If you enjoy Italian, we think Tutto Italia is definitely worth a reservation!

Homemade pasta

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