Location: Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village
Cuisine: African & Indian flavors
Experience: Elegant with an African flare and incredible views of the animals grazing in the savannah.
Our rating: We prefer Boma's food, but the atmosphere here makes this place worth a shot.

I would say Sanaa is worth visiting simply for the ambiance. This place is very, very cool inside - I can't emphasize this enough. Plus, it's the only Disney restaurant where you have a front row view of the savannah at Animal Kingdom Lodge. When we were there having dinner, we looked out the floor-to-ceiling windows and saw giraffes nearby nibbling from the tree tops. It was fantastic.

I think it might take a couple visits to fully appreciate the menu. Everything was exotic-sounding and might be a little intimidating for the non-adventurous eater. Selections cooked in the Tandoor ovens were what really appealed to us. The breads (appetizer) were tasty.

We liked the food but agreed we would not rush back when there are other Disney restaurants with menus we like better AND are not as far away as Animal Kingdom Lodge. Still, we think this one is worth checking out simply for its uniqueness. I mean who wouldn’t want to dine with giraffes?

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