What should I take into the parks?

After visiting Disney many times, I've figured out exactly what I need to bring with me into the parks. I'd love to be one of those people who don't carry bags around Disney, thus skipping the inevitably long bag-check security line at the park entrances, but it's just not practical for our family.

Magic Bands
Before your vacation, you'll need choose the right bag. Pick one that can hold everything you need but won’t be too cumbersome. Now you're ready to fill it with the essentials.

While your list may vary, here's what I always take with me into the parks:

·        Sunscreen/sunglasses
o   It’s not the beach, but that Florida sun is HOT.
·        Hats for all of us
·        Stroller cover
o   (because those Florida rainstorms come out of nowhere, and the stroller parking at all the rides/restaurants is usually always outside)
·        Rain ponchos
o   You can purchase these super cheap at places like Wal-mart, or buy them at WDW (but be prepared to pay a lot more for them there). Be sure to include a waterproof bag in which you can stuff your wet poncho. That way the rest of the stuff in your park bag won't get wet.
·        Travel-sized hand sanitizer
o   Just stop to think about all the germs circulating around that place. Carry this with you in the parks and use it not only before you eat, but also after EVERY encounter with the characters.
·        A wallet or somewhere to keep cash
o   You want to use something small that will fit in your bag but still keeps these things safe and organized. If you have a Magic Band you won't need to worry about storing park tickets, Fast Passes, room keys, or even credit cards anymore, but we always like to have a bit of cash on hand, which means finding some where to keep it safe and dry.
·        Cell phones
o   This is a must for contacting each other in the parks to coordinate meeting times, or if someone gets lost. You'll also need it for accessing your My Disney Experience app.
·        I.D. bracelets/tags on EVERYTHING, including your children
o   This means anything lost can potentially make its way back to you. Make sure the I.D. bracelets your kids wear have your cell phone number on it and any other important information you’d want a Cast Member to know if they found your lost child.
·        A cover-up like a jacket or long-sleeved t-shirt
o   I find I am ALWAYS cold inside the air-conditioned restaurants when I’m dressed for the heat outside.
·        Change of clothes/shoes
o   If you think you might ride something that’ll get you wet, or if you’re going to be in a park the entire day without returning to your hotel, you just might appreciate that change of shoes.
·        Small battery-operated fan and water spray bottle
o   It's VERY hot in Florida during the summer, and these things will be much appreciated if you don't mind a little extra in your bag. You'll see these for sale all over the Disney parks, but again, you'll save yourself money if you buy something similar before you arrive in Orlando. I also find clip-on fans to be essential for strollers, especially with babies.
·        Tylenol and Dramamine
o   There’s nothing worse than suffering through a persistent headache, especially when trying to navigate Disney. I always keep a couple travel-size pouches of Tylenol with me, and more recently I’ve also added travel-size Dramamine (both the adult and kids versions). It really helps when a ride made you dizzier than expected. Motion sickness can ruin your whole day, so just knowing I’ve got a solution in my bag helps a lot.
·        Refillable beverage mug
o   I always purchase a refillable resort mug (unlimited drink refills for the duration of your trip) and keep it with me throughout the day. A regular water bottle will work just as well. I like to clip my mug to the strap of my bag so it doesn’t take up space inside. Plus, that way I also don’t risk any leftover drops of Diet Coke leaking inside my bag.

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