RESTAURANT REVIEW: Beaches & Cream Soda Shop

Location: Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Cuisine: American
Experience:  Casual and fun 1950s inspired soda shop
Our rating: It’s worth a shot.

When I think of Beaches & Cream, I think of overindulgence. Maybe it’s because they offer a dessert called The Kitchen Sink that is possibly the biggest dessert in the universe (they even turn down the lights and make a big deal of bringing it to the table). Maybe it’s because they have all kinds of refreshingly un-fancy and delicious diner food. Or maybe it’s because there I once devoured an entire foot-long hot dog and French fries without a second thought... and also an embarrassingly-giant ice cream sundae drenched in drippy, mouth-watering peanut butter and chocolate called the No Way Jose. Mmmmm....

The Kitchen Sink, which consists of ice cream, brownies, cake, whipped cream and every topping in the house!
The atmosphere here is very retro and fun, like one of those old 1950s soda shops with a beachy theme, and the menu is pretty basic but very yummy. You’ll find your regular American diner fare like hamburgers, hot dogs and banana splits. The service is good, the waiters and waitresses are friendly, and the location at the Beach Club seems fitting. Disney's Beach Club Resort is one of our favorite Disney resorts, so we always eat here whenever we've stayed here.

If you are on the Disney Boardwalk and looking for a casual place to eat, Beaches & Cream is a nice option. Also make sure to come here if you’re just looking for a treat like a milkshake or ice cream. There’s a separate walk-up counter for those who only want ice cream, so you can order without waiting in the table-service line, then take your treat with you as you enjoy the Boardwalk.

That foot-long hot dog didn't stand a chance...

Enjoying the peanut-buttery, chocolaty goodness of the "No Way Jose"


  1. What a fantastic resource for Disney newbies, like myself! I'll be sure to read through all your posts before we schedule our first family trip to Disney. Thanks, T!!!

  2. Can't wait to try that! Looking for you on Facebook and can't find it??

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